Node-RED is FlowFuse

We strongly encourage the belief that the Node-RED and FlowFuse communities are the same. Whether you are a FlowFuse community member or an employee, you should treat both community members equally. Remember, the success of FlowFuse lies in the success of Node-RED.

General Guidelines

We recommend reading the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct to help ensure that our community remains respectful, collaborative, and supportive. These principles are grounded in common sense and shared values. By adhering to them, we can create a welcoming environment for all members and foster a culture of mutual respect and growth.

Community interactions.

As an employee of FlowFuse, when we interact with the OSS Node-RED community we must be mindful of our position. For example, when offering advice on the Node-RED forum or the Node-RED slack, the first answer we offer should be how a solution can be achieved using Node-RED. If a native Node-RED solution is not possible or the user would benefit from the advantages that FlowFuse offers, then, like any other person or company, we can offer FlowFuse as a potential solution.