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Elevating Node-RED

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FlowFuse provides a complete platform to scale your production Node-RED applications, increase developer velocity, and enhance security in order to accelerate innovation.

About FlowFuse - 50 Words

FlowFuse is a low-code development platform bringing innovation to enterprise companies. Elevating Node-RED, the renowned open-source development tool, FlowFuse empowers companies to transform their production by building custom, adaptable applications. FlowFuse provides enhanced features for security and scalability, making it an ideal platform for complex enterprise applications.

About FlowFuse - 150 Words

FlowFuse is an open-core company investing in Node-RED. Nick O’Leary, co-creator of Node-RED is FlowFuse co-founder and CTO.

Node-RED is an open-source low-code programming tool, allowing developers to quickly and easily connect IoT devices, APIs, and online services by creating flow-based applications. It uses a drag-and-drop interface to wire together nodes, which can represent devices, APIs, or functions, to process data, and create powerful automations.

FlowFuse is a low-code development platform for building reliable and adaptable applications. FlowFuse eliminates the pain points of digital transformation by empowering companies across industries to create seamless, dynamic applications. Powered by Node-RED, FlowFuse enables teams of all sizes to harness low-code capabilities to build robust applications with unparalleled scalability, and security. FlowFuse’s collaborative environment and scalable architecture ensure that teams can build securely and together for continuous development and operational success.