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In this webinar, we focus on how integrating Node-Red and robust hardware from forms a powerful solution for system integrators and developers in the industrial sector.

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Discover how to overcome Industrial IoT challenges and how a low-code platform can enhance data access and securty across various industries.

The journey towards advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions is fraught with challenges, from complex setups and scalability issues to serious security concerns. As industrial sectors evolve, the demand for reliable and secure data access becomes paramount. Typically, operational technology networks are isolated from enterprise networks, often without internet access, to protect critical manufacturing data and systems.

How can these networks be safely connected to enable better data access and usability? Enter FlowFuse and’s Enterprise IIoT Gateway where FlowFuse’s ability to enhance these connections makes getting data from various sources ranging from wind turbines, cooling towers, maritime, to tank farms effortless.

Grey Dziuba, OT Data and Community Strategist at FlowFuse and Travis Elliot, COO of, discuss:

  • How Node-Red and’s technologies can streamline IIoT deployments.
  • Best practices for integrating these technologies into your existing infrastructure.
  • The extended capabilities of FlowFuse in enhancing the security and scalability of IIoT systems.

This webinar is essential for engineers, system integrators, and decision-makers in manufacturing and industrial sectors looking to enhance their IIoT strategies. Discover how to leverage these technologies to not just overcome the traditional challenges but to propel your operations forward securely and efficiently.

Presented by:

OT Data & Community Strategist

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