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This year the FlowFuse team will grow further, and I'm excited to announce our newest addition to the team; Zeger-Jan van de Weg (@ZJvandeWeg). Zeger-Jan, also known as ZJ, is joining FlowFuse as CEO.

ZJ previously worked at GitLab where he helped build a vibrant open source community and we're thrilled to have him to continue this with the Node-RED community. Under his supervision the involvement of GitLab in the Git project grew significantly, allowing Git and GitLab to be successful together. This aligns well with our vision for FlowFuse:

We will only be successful if the whole Node-RED community is successful.

As our first non-engineering hire, ZJ will be focussed on growing the business side of FlowFuse, working on marketing and ongoing business development.

Welcome aboard ZJ!

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