Connect, Integrate & Visualize Industrial Production Metrics with Node-RED

Join FlowFuse's Steve McLaughlin as he showcases how easy it is to use Node-RED to visualize popular production metrics using Node-RED.

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Node-RED makes it very easy to connect industrial equipment so that data can be visualized to understand common production metrics like OEE, performance, cycle times etc.

In this webinar, attendees will learn how to create a Node-RED flow to:

  • Connect to an existing PLC using an industrial protocol
  • Integrate data from an external MQTT broker
  • Create a dashboard to visualize common production metrics
  • Sanitize data for recording in a database
  • Generate a report from recorded data

This webinar will include a live demonstration of how to set up Node-RED to accomplish the tasks listed above. Attendees are expected to have a general understanding of Node-RED.

To attend the webinar please register in advance.

About Steve: Steve McLaughlin, Node-RED OSS Developer at FlowFuse, will be leading this webinar. Steve has over 25 years as an engineer in the automotive sector primarily interfacing field technologies and IS/IT. During his work in the automotive industry, he discovered the power of using Node-RED to connect, integrate and visualize industrial data. Steve is also a long time member of the Node-RED community.

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