Updating our branding across GitHub, npm and Dockerhub

Renaming our packages and containers and what it means for our users

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Following our rename to FlowFuse last month, we are about to take the next set of steps to complete the rebrand. This time, focussed on the technical assets we produce.

Rebranding a company isn't a small undertaking, especially when your company name is also your product name. When we announced our new name last month we prioritised updating the website, our documentation and social media presences. All of the most visible things relating to the company name.

But we knew that wasn't the whole job done. The name flowforge still appears in the technical resources we use and the artefacts we publish. Changing them is not as simple a task as changing some words on a website, so it has taken a bit more time to get our plans in place for this next step.

I wanted to highlight the set of changes we'll be making in the coming days to complete this migration. For the vast majority of users, expecially those using FlowFuse Cloud, these changes will be completely transparent.

However, if you are contributing to any of our open source components, or consuming our npm or Docker packages directly, then please read on.

There are four areas we need to migrate.

GitHub Organization

As a company everything we do revolves around our GitHub Organization. Our source code, release planning, this website, and far more all live there.

Step one of our migration will be renaming the organization to FlowFuse, so instead of https://github.com/flowforge we will now live at https://github.com/FlowFuse.

Renaming organizations on GitHub, whilst not something done lightly, is well catered for. Many existing urls should get automatically redirected - so any existing links will still work. We will, of course, do the work to update any urls in our docs.

NPM package names

We publish a number of packages to the public Node.js Package Manager (npm) repository under the @flowforge name.

After this week's release is done, we'll be updating all of our packages to publish under the @flowfuse name and no longer updating the packages under the old name.

This will impact anyone who has installed any of our components directly from npm. For example, the Device Agent or Node-RED Dashboard 2.0.

We will provide specific upgrade instructions for each of the affected components once the move is done.

Docker Images

We publish container images to Dockerhub under the flowforge name. Once we've updated our npm package names, we'll also be updating our container tags to use the new name.

If you are using our helm or Docker Compose projects, we'll have a new release that will help get you moved over to the new image names. Likewise our Digital Ocean and AWS Marketplace offerings will be updated - and instructions provided for existing users to migrate over.

FlowFuse Cloud

The final step we have to make is to move FlowFuse Cloud over to its new home at app.flowfuse.com. We have to co-ordinate the update with all of our customers who use SSO to login to ensure they can continue to access the platform.

Once that is done, it will be a seamless transition for everyone. Existing Node-RED instances will continue to use the *.flowforge.cloud domain, but then all new instances will use the *.flowfuse.cloud domain.

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