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New identity but same vision for industrial data integration

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We are happy to announce that FlowForge is changing its name to FlowFuse. Changing our corporate identity wasn’t our top priority but a recent trademark challenge has promoted us to create a new brand for our company.

We believe that this new name better reflects our core mission and aspirations. Just as electricity fuses elements to create energy, the FlowFuse platform fuses together data, ideas, processes, and technologies to generate a powerful force of innovation and transformation.

Selecting a new name for a company or product is never easy. Some of the requirements we set for a new name were: 1) it should be reasonably close to FlowForge so it will be easier to transition the brand identity, 2) it should even better reflect our mission, and 3) keeping the FF acronym will help with environment variable prefixes :-). I think we have accomplished all the above and am delighted to move forward as FlowFuse.

What to Expect Next

Our team is heads down building a platform to allow organizations to reliably deliver Node-RED applications in a continuous, collaborative, and secure manner. We'll continue to release regular updates packed with new features and enhancements that keeps moving us towards this goal.

A complete rebranding is a big piece of work - today marks the start of a process as we introduce the new FlowFuse name and updated website. Over the next number of days and weeks we'll continue to roll this change out, including our social media accounts and other accounts. The product branding will be changed over the next couple of releases, including FlowForge Cloud and FlowForge open source edition. The underlying software will be the as-if you’re running the next FlowForge release, though now called FlowFuse. We'll share more technical details of this when any changes are made.

We are excited by the future FlowFuse presents to our customers and the industry. Node-RED and FlowFuse is a powerful combination that gives access to industrial data to transform organizations and drive forward innovation across industries. Join us as we continue our journey.

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