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Welcome to the FlowFuse newsletter for October 2022, a monthly roundup of what’s happening with both FlowFuse and the wider Node-RED community.

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FlowFuse 1.0 Released
Version 1.0 was released on 27th October. Our latest release represents our vision of the base set of features needed for you to get great value from using FlowFuse in a production environment. That's not to say we are done, we will continue to add features, improve our interfaces and fix bugs with the same enthusiasm as we've worked towards 1.0. We'd like to hear your feedback on what we will be including in 1.1 and beyond.

If you’d like to learn more about what else was included in 1.0 you can do so on our blog post, on our GitHub release page and on our Youtube channel. We’d also love for more of you to get involved in the development of FlowFuse, contributions to the code and bug reports are really appreciated.

Node-RED Nears 3.1 Release The next release of Node-RED has some great new features including support for locking flows in the editor and improving the user experience around hiding flows. We'd expect the first 3.1 beta to be available in November with a full release following shortly afterwards.

FlowFuse raises $7.25M to bring Node-RED to the Enterprise
Earlier this week, we announced a $7.25M seed round led by Cota Capital, joined by Westwave Capital, Uncorrelated Ventures, and Open Core Ventures. This brings a huge amount of extensive knowledge and experience in IoT, open source, enterprise-ready software solutions. You can read more about what this investment means for FlowFuse in this TechCrunch article.

Node-Red Dashboard - Beginners Guide
It's great to see members of the Node-RED community taking their personal time to help us all build better projects. This write up takes you through the basics of creating your first Dashboard through to more advanced techniques to help your interfaces look professional and provide great user experiences.

FlowFuse Team News
We are currently recruiting NodeJS Developers, a Product Manager, a Recruiter / PeopleOps Manager and a Senior Community Manager. You can view any of the roles we currently have open and apply on our Jobs page.

We'd also like to welcome Pez Cuckow who joined FlowFuse as a Senior Software Engineer in October.

Try FlowFuse for Free
As a thank you for reading our newsletters we’d like to offer you a free, small project for one month on our managed FlowFuse platform when you create a new team. To get this discount please follow this link or use the code RELEASE1 when on the payment page after creating a new team. As an open source project you can also use FlowFuse for free, forever.

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