FlowFuse raises $7.25M Seed Round to bring Node-RED to the Enterprise

Allowing all developers to integrate IT and OT through low-code

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Since the launch of FlowFuse in April 2021 our goal has been to build a low-code, enterprise-ready development platform based on Node-RED. We wanted to make it easier for enterprises to adopt, integrate, and scale Node-RED into their existing environments. We published our first version at the start of this year and have continued the journey to the launch of FlowFuse v1.0 just last week. Each of these releases has moved us towards our goal of creating a platform for integrating the IT and OT for all organizations, built around an open core.

FlowFuse is Node-RED for the enterprise

Node-RED is an incredible tool that has allowed many organizations to quickly and easily integrate both their IT and OT. The sheer range and variety of solutions created with Node-RED today go far beyond what we imagined. But we’ve also seen the challenges faced by companies wanting to take their Node-RED solutions into production and beyond.

This is where FlowFuse comes in. It addresses those challenges by adding security, collaboration and deployment capabilities.

Our $7.25M Seed Round

Today, we’re super excited to announce a $7.25M seed round led by Cota Capital, joined by Westwave Capital, Uncorrelated Ventures, and Open Core Ventures. This brings a huge amount of extensive knowledge and experience in IoT, open source, enterprise-ready software solutions.

This investment will enable us to continue growing the team and platform to realize our vision of FlowFuse being the best way to achieve enterprise-ready Node-RED. It will enable us to invest back into the core Node-RED project to further its development. One of our core company principles is around Open Source Stewardship - the success of FlowFuse relies on a strong and successful Node-RED community.

We’ll be bringing more collaboration features to the FlowFuse platform to enable true collaborative, team-based working. We’ll expand our Devices offering to make it far easier to run Node-RED wherever it suits your use-case, from data center to remote edge locations.

Above all, we’ll be building a company that is open, sustainable, and fun to work at. We already have some job openings available - check out our jobs board if you’re interested in joining our team.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we’re doing, or have any questions, please do get in touch!

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