FlowFuse 0.1 released

Making the first release of the platform and transitioning to open development

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For an open core company, we haven't been very open with what we're doing. That all changes today with the release of FlowFuse 0.1 and making all of our repositories public.

This is a significant step for the company as we look to build a platform around Node-RED.

The main question we get asked is: 'What is FlowFuse?" - which is a very reasonable question to ask.

FlowFuse is a platform for managing Node-RED instances at scale. It lets you have multiple users on the platform, organised into teams to provide proper access control to individual Node-RED instances, or Projects as we call them.

With the 0.1 release, we have the basic building blocks of the platform in place.

  • Add multiple users to the platform
  • Create teams for those users
  • Create Node-RED projects quickly and easily through the platform UI

For a more complete walk-through of the platform in this early release, you can watch this video.

Getting started with FlowFuse

The documentation provides a guide for installing FlowFuse on a local server.

We also have drivers for deploying to Docker Compose and Kubernetes based environments to enable a larger scale of deployment. We'll have more documentation on those options in the near future.

Getting help

If you hit any problems with the platform, or have questions to ask, please do raise an issue on GitHub.

That also includes if you have any feedback or feature requests.

What's next?

With so much in the plan and lots of exciting features to come, we will have a regular cycle of releases every four weeks. So you can expect the next release, 0.2, on Thursday 17th February.

As we're only at 0.1 today, there is a lot still to do. We will be following the principles of Semantic Versioning with our releases, but until we reach 1.0, there may be some disruptive changes along the way.

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