Introducing FlowFuse Inc.

Building a new low-code development platform around the Node-RED project

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When Dave and I first created Node-RED, it was a tool to solve a problem - allowing us to do our day job more effectively when building IoT solutions for clients. That gave us the means and purpose to create a truly useful platform.

When it became an open source project, it quickly found an enthusiastic audience that has seen the community grow beyond our imagination. From both individual users, to a wide range of companies integrating it into their own products.

But with that growth, the question in my mind has always been how to take it further and secure its long term future.

I wrote on the project blog last year about the future plans of the project. A key piece of that is its sustainability - how we can increase the commercial adoption of Node-RED and how we can get more people contributing back.

An opportunity presented itself earlier this year that I believe will bring a step-change to what the Node-RED project is able to achieve.

Introducing FlowFuse Inc.

So today, I'm launching FlowFuse Inc - a new company whose mission is to build a low-coding development platform fit for the enterprise with Node-RED at its heart.

Backed by Sid Sijbrandij, we have funding in place to create a fully remote team dedicated to an open core model.

In the short term, this means helping to accelerate the plans already in place for the Open Source project. Getting the 2.0 release done in the next few weeks, working on long-standing features such as the Test framework and Flow Debugger.

Alongside that we'll also be building a platform around Node-RED that will make it easier to adopt at scale and integrate into existing enterprise environments.

Node-RED remains a fully open source project, with its home at the OpenJS Foundation and an open governance model that allows anyone to have a say in its development.

Our goal is to incorporate as much of our work directly into the core project as possible. Where we do create closed-source components, we will work with the community to ensure the right APIs and extension points are in the core for all to benefit from.

We will only be successful if the whole Node-RED community is successful.

For me personally, this is a really exciting next step. I never expected to turn my little side project into a full-time job and now into a company.

Hiring soon!

We'll be hiring soon - so keep an eye out if you're interesting in getting involved.

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