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Welcome to the FlowFuse newsletter for March 2023, a monthly roundup of what’s been happening with both FlowFuse and the wider Node-RED community.

Upcoming events

Node-RED Ask Me Anything

Back by popular demand, FlowFuse is hosting a monthly Node-RED Ask Me Anything session on March 9th. This is a great opportunity to ask Nick O’Leary, co-creator of Node-RED & FlowFuse CTO, and Rob Marcer, Node-RED FlowFuse Developer Educator your questions about Node-RED. Sign-up today to participate.

DevOps for Node-RED: An Introduction to FlowFuse Webinar

Join Nick O'Leary, FlowFuse CTO, as he presents an Introduction to FlowFuse and demonstrates FlowFuse’s platform for providing DevOps for Node-RED. This webinar will be on March 30th. Register today.

From our Blog

Toward Highly Available Node-RED - High availability is an often requested feature for Node-RED. This post from FlowFuse CEO discusses our approach to HA for Node-RED.

MING Stack for IoT - MING technology stack include M (Mosquitto/MQTT), InfluxDB, Node-RED and Grafana. Ian Skerrett, FlowFuse Head of Marketing discusses how this tech stack is used for IoT.

Introduction to Node-RED - An in-depth webinar recording on key Node-RED concepts and demonstration on how to get started with Node-RED.

Node-RED Quick Tips - Rob Marcer, FlowFuse Developer Educator has a weekly series of Node-RED hints and tips

From the Community

Node-RED Community Survey

The Node-RED open source project is running an Node-RED Community Survey. Give your feedback on how you are using Node-RED.

Good alternatives to Pis for your next project

Raspberry Pis continue to be difficult to purchase. Eben Upton of the Raspberry Pi Foundation has said that supply should improve this year but in the mean-time there are some good alternatives you could consider. The Youtube channel ExplainingComputers has shared a great video covering some of the most popular SBCs you could use for your next project, it’s worth a watch.

Custom Node Spotlight - node-red-contrib-os

OS is a great custom node which allows you to monitor the performance of the device you are running Node-RED on. It can check RAM usage, disk space, CPU load, and a lot more. It’s really easy to use, we recommend you take a look.

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