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A year ago our CTO, Nick O'Leary, introduced FlowFuse. Since then major milestones have been achieved. As we grow as a company, important steps are taken. Today we make another very important step; we're accepting our first customers.

A few weeks ago our product was nearly in a state where it could support customers, when that was the case, we opened up our waitlist. The waitlist has been growing daily and now we're ready to start inviting those users onto the platform. The first lucky few users are being added today, and each working day for the foreseeable future we'll continue onboarding users. New users will receive an email from our team with their login details and can start creating new workflows with Node-RED minutes after.

While the source code of FlowFuse is available, there's a chance you're unfamiliar with what has been built around Node-RED. With FlowFuse, our intent is to build a platform to aid with colaboration of flows in Node-RED. The first steps to our vision include a managed Node-RED instance to connect virtually any online service. Multiple users will have access to the same flows and can collaborate. Further, once Node-RED 3.0 has been released, the platform will provide a pain-free way to upgrade and keep your projects up to date. There's many more exciting features right around the corner on our roadmap

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