Announcing FlowFuse Cloud

Hosting your Node-RED, so you don't have to.

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As an open core company, anyone is free to download and install our platform. In many cases this is a great solution, it allows for custom setups in your own environment. We know this isn't for everyone though, some people just want to start building with Node-RED without having to manage their servers.

We are excited to announce FlowFuse Cloud, a hosted Node-RED as a service offering and today we are opening the waitlist.

Our waitlist captures your email, and we'll reach out to you on that address once your account is created.

Starting operations

After having released v0.2 recently, we're now working on v0.3 that will include a user flow for billing. When that work has been done and deployed people on the waitlist will slowly be invited to the platform. Currently that's scheduled for April 1st, no joke, although it could happen either sooner or later. More details on the exact pricing will be availble nearer the time.

Once you are invited you will be able to;

  • Create multiple Node-RED projects hosted on,
  • Invite team members to collaborate on those projects,
  • And many more features will automatically become availble with each new release.

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