Elevate Node-RED with FlowFuse

FlowFuse provides a complete platform for building, scaling and securing your production Node-RED applications. Accelerate digitalization of your industrial processes with ease.

FlowFuse powers industries

Leveraging the low-code capabilities of Node-RED, we empower organizations across industries to build bespoke applications tailored to their specific needs. We bring agile iteration into industrial operations to continuously improve efficiency.

FlowFuse streamlines manufacturing automation, from production monitoring to supply chain management

  • Hardware & Sensor Integration
  • Integrate OT and IT Data
  • Intuitive OT Data visualization
  • Automate Event Triggers
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FlowFuse paves the way for smart agriculture by helping to access and apply data directly from the field

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Managing edge and cloud devices
  • Process automation
  • Optimizing performance and sustainability
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FlowFuse facilitates efficient use of spaces and utilities with building management solutions that you can rapidly iterate on

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Smart analysis and actionable insights
  • Program and deploy at scale
  • Automate trigger events
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FlowFuse Creates Value

Developer Velocity

FlowFuse empowers a wide range of engineers to build applications, significantly reducing the time to develop and going into production. The low-code development platform and a rich integration ecosystem help accelerate ROI.

No-Ops Digitalization Platform

Simplifying hosting and maintenance, FlowFuse removes the complexities of keeping your development environment up to date. Easily connect to edge devices and manage your flows in a single instance.

Compliance and Security

FlowFuse is built with security and compliance in mind; ideal for highly regulated industries. Apart from supporting standard identity and access management, FlowFuse Certified Nodes provide enhanced efficiency and security.

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On Premise

Deploy FlowFuse on your hardware for enhanced flexibility. Opt for self-hosted deployment with FlowFuse, enabling on-premises installation and full control over your deployment process.

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FlowFuse Cloud

Our managed hosted solution, maintained and supported by the FlowFuse team. Experience flexibility, scalability, and expert assistance to drive your business forward.

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