How to deploy Node-RED to hundreds of PLCs and IoT edge devices

Discover how to deploy and managed hundreds of devices running Node-RED on PLCs and IoT edge computers.

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Many organizations are using Node-RED as an integration platform for industrial PLCs and IoT edge computing devices. Node-RED’s low code visual programming environment makes it simple to collect, analyze and take action on data at the edge. As organizations deploy Node-RED out to multiple devices or even hundreds of devices, the tools and processes can become manual and cumbersome.

FlowFuse device management features allow you to deploy Node-RED out to hundreds of PLCs and IoT edge devices. In the webinar, Rob Marcer will do a deep dive into the challenges of managing hundreds of devices running Node-RED, how to securely on-board these devices, how to deploy new versions of Node-RED in an automated manner and how to remotely troubleshoot a device. Attendees will gain a better understanding on how to Node-RED device management for large scale fleets of devices.

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Customer Success Manager