Why FlowFuse?

Node-RED is a great low-code visual programming tool. Here are 6 things FlowFuse adds to standard Node-RED to make it even better.


Hosted Node-RED - Easy to get started, easier to maintain

FlowFuse Cloud takes care of running Node-RED for you. No more messing around with Docker containers, upgrading to new releases, keeping your Node-RED running, we take care of it for you.


Multiple Node-RED Instances from one place

FlowFuse allows you to create multiple Node-RED instances and manage them in one place. Gone are the days of trying to coordinate Node-RED installations, or multitude of tabs. Finally Node-RED allows for serious application development.


Version control your Node-RED flows

Who hasn't made changes to a Node-RED flow but regret not exporting the previous version? FlowFuse has built in version control. You can create snapshots of your instance that can be rolled back at any time.


Team development

Node-RED is an amazing productivity tool for an individual engineer. However, doing any type of collaborative development with colleagues is very difficult. FlowFuse allows for team development on the same Node-RED instances.


Development Pipelines

In modern software development, best practices are that you set up stages of the development process to streamline development, test and production, often called pipelines. FlowFuse allows you to set up pipelines for your Node-RED development.

Image depictingDevelopment Pipelines

Remote device management

Many people are using Node-RED to aggregate and analyze data from remote devices. However, Node-RED is really meant for running locally or in the cloud. FlowFuse breaks down the barriers to remote device management by providing a central platform that can manage hundreds of devices running Node-RED. A great way to scale up your use of Node-RED in your organization.

Image depictingRemote device management

Certified Nodes for Reliability and Security

FlowFuse offers a curated collection of certified nodes, ensuring top-notch quality, security, and support. Explore our certified nodes on the Certified Nodes Page and benefit from a robust ecosystem while maintaining operational reliability.

Image depictingCertified Nodes for Reliability and Security