FlowFuse v1.6 Now Available

FlowFuse Now Supports Multi-Instance Node-RED for Complex Application Development

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The new FlowFuse 1.6 adds new support for multi-instance Node-RED within a single application and support for logging from remote devices.

FlowFuse Applications Can Now Support Multi-Instance Node-RED

FlowFuse 1.6 expands the scope of applications to now allow for multiple instances of Node-RED. For complex Node-RED applications, it is common to have different flows interacting with other flows or flows deployed to different target environments. The ability to associate all these different flows with a single application makes it easier for the development, test and deployment of these types of complex applications.

Access Node-RED logs from remote devices

FlowFuse makes it easy to deploy Node-RED out to remote devices. However, once Node-RED has been deployed to the remote device it is often difficult to troubleshoot or debug. Now with FlowFuse 1.6, you can get access to the Node-RED logs from remote devices. This makes it much easier to understand and debug the behavior of a remote device.

Other Improvements

Update email address verification #813

Reminder email about trial doesn't include a link to FF Cloud #1815

Sign-up coupons improvement #1788

New FF_Instance_* envvars inline with new terminology #1844

Deprecate FF_PROJECT_* envvars #1844

Integrate with PostHog events #1922

Introduce search bar to docs/handbook #620

Bug Fixes

Deleting instances from the instance list fails #1859

Removing old projects with missing subscriptions fails #1837

Changing to a team as a member shows unauthorized error #1845

Application Overview: “Open Editor” shouldn’t show (or should be disabled) if in “Starting” state #1931

Try it out

We're confident you can have self managed FlowFuse running locally in under 30 minutes. You can install our local build, use Docker, or Kubernetes.

If you'd rather use our hosted offering: Get started for free on FlowFuse Cloud.

Upgrading FlowFuse

FlowFuse Cloud is already running 1.6.

If you installed a previous version of FlowFuse and want to upgrade, our documentation provides a guide for upgrading your FlowFuse instance.

Getting help

Please check FlowFuse's documentation as the answers to many questions are covered there.

If you hit any problems with the platform please raise an issue on GitHub. That's also a great place to send us any feedback or feature requests.

You can also get help on the Node-RED forums

As well as in the forum within our Github project

Chat with us on the #flowfuse channel on the Node-RED Slack workspace

You can raise a support ticket by emailing support@flowfuse.com

We've also added a live chat widget to our website, you can access it using the icon on the bottom right corner of our website. We'd love to hear from you.

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