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Welcome to the FlowFuse newsletter, a regular roundup of what`s happening with both FlowFuse and the wider Node-RED community.

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FlowFuse 0.7
We've shipped the next version of FlowFuse, features in this release include the ability to Rollback a project to a previous snapshot, setting environment variables for a specific device and we've begun to unify the experience between the Forge app and the Node-RED editor with our own Node-RED theme.

Node-RED 3.0 Released
Node-RED 3.0 Has been officially released, there are a lot of improvements in the user experience of the editor, with new menus and junctions. There's also the ability to stop your flows while you can continue to edit and deploy. Take a look at the blog post for all the details. This is now the default stack on FlowFuse Cloud.

Node-RED for Microcontrollers
Peter Hoddie of Moddable Has released some early work on getting the Node-RED runtime to execute a flow on a microcontroller like the ESP32. It's still very early days so don't expect to be building flows directly on the MCU, and the number of nodes that are supported is limited, but this is an interesting development for Node-RED in the IoT space.

Node-RED Con CFP
A reminder about Node-RED Con and the call for papers, submissions close at the end of July so get your proposals in now.

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