Enterprise-grade Edge Device Fleet Management with balena and FlowFuse

Join FlowFuse's Grey Dziuba and balena's Marc Pous to learn about Fleet Management.

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In this webinar we shared how leveraging balena with FlowFuse simplifies your fleet management.

The advent of edge computing offers more flexible solutions across industries. By harnessing the power of edge devices, companies can extract valuable data from existing production lines, EV chargers or any large amount of connected products, enabling them to enhance efficiency and output without necessarily expanding their physical footprint. This approach, however, demands a robust infrastructure capable of handling continuous software and operating system updates,while at the same time maintaining security to ensure operational stability and data integrity.

Companies such as FlowFuse and balena are here to help on this mission. From extracting and reducing the friction of analyzing the data to simplifying the way you manage your large fleets of connected devices and submit software or hostOS updates.

In this webinar, join industry experts Marc Pous and Grey Dziuba as they delve into the integration of balena.io and FlowFuse, two pioneering platforms in the realm of industrial IoT and application development.

We will talk about

  • What is balena and FlowFuse; why you should leverage them on your next fleet management application.
  • How balena and FlowFuse work together.
  • Deep dive into the balena architecture and how FlowFuse fits into it, along with a demo on how it applies to examples like Wind Farm, Vehicles, Discrete and Process man, Oil Rigs.

And answer any questions you may have.

This session is tailored for professionals seeking to harness the power of advanced fleet management in sectors like wind farms, vehicular fleets, discrete and process manufacturing, oil rigs, and many more.

Presented by:

OT Data & Community Strategist