New Year Celebration - Sync Music with Fireworks or Light Shows

DIY Guide to Synchronizing Music with Light Shows or Digital Fireworks for New Year's Eve

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Ready to elevate your New Year's Eve celebration?

This session is perfect for DIY enthusiasts, tech hobbyists, and anyone looking to add a wow factor to their New Year's Eve party. We dive into the innovative technique of real-time music synchronization with fireworks or light shows. Say goodbye to limited, pre-set tracks and hello to a dynamic display that moves with any song you choose.

Learn how to utilize MQTT, Dashboard 2.0, and open-source tools to create a fun visual and auditory experience. Whether you're a Raspberry Pi aficionado, an Arduino enthusiast, or a beginner in digital light shows, this webinar is designed to guide you through the process step-by-step.

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OT Data & Community Strategist