Celebrate 10 Years of Node-RED and What’s New in 3.1 and Beyond

Join FlowFuse's CTO Nick O'Leary and co-creator of Node-RED to learn about what's new in the new release of Node-RED and what is next for the community.

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Wow, 10 years ago Node-RED was launched as an open source project. In those 10 years, Node-RED has become a widely adopted and loved low-code development environment used by hobbyists, students and professionals. It’s time to celebrate our success and look forward to what is next.

Join Nick O’Leary, co-creator of Node-RED, for our 10 years of Node-RED celebration. Nick will do a retrospective of the last 10 years for the Node-RED community, celebrating the successes and accomplishments of the community. He will also talk about the newly released Node-RED 3.1, highlighting and demoing the key features. Finally, we will look forward to what to expect from the Node-RED project and also a sneak peak of the new Dashboard 2.0 project that has been started by FlowFuse.

Join us on September 21 to celebrate the Node-RED community.

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