Dashboard 2.0 - Where we are, and what’s next?

Join FlowFuse's Joe Pavitt to learn about FlowFuse's current development work to update Node-RED Dashboard project.

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The next generation of the Node-RED dashboard is starting to mature. Development work on Dashboard 2.0 started earlier this year and amazing progress has been made already.

Joe Pavitt, FlowFuse Head of Design and UX, is leading the development work and will be the host of this webinar. During the webinar, Joe will conduct a live demonstration of the project, present the roadmap for the planned next steps, and lead an open discussion to gather new ideas and feedback.

If you are a current user of Node-RED Dashboard or interested in building your own User Interfaces and Data Visualisations using Node-RED watch the on-demand video or download the slides.

Presented by:

Head of UX & Design

Download webinar slides