FlowFuse Blueprints: Your Pathway to Enhanced Manufacturing

Join FlowFuse's Marian Demme to learn about Unlocking the Power of Node-Red for Modern Manufacturing.

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Explore building manufacturing applications with FlowFuse Blueprints in our upcoming webinar. Blueprints make it easy to get started building applications with Node-RED.

The webinar kicks off with a comprehensive introduction to what a Blueprint is and the ideology behind it. Following this, we'll go through the current roster of Blueprints available, highlighting the core purpose and the functionalities they bring to the table.

From there we’ll closely examine a couple of our existing Blueprints - the OEE Calculator, which builds on the core KPI for many manufacturing environments, and the Andon Terminal, where a user can key in downtime events. An exploratory session around the Performance Dashboard will shed light on how monitoring and improving manufacturing KPIs is streamlined with FlowFuse Blueprints.

We will highlight upcoming Blueprints to be showcased, with a spotlight on the Andon Live - an endeavor towards real-time operational insights.

We will end with a Q&A session. Allowing attendees to voice their thoughts on which Blueprints they’d love to see next, fostering a collaborative space for innovation and forward-thinking.

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