Production Ready Node-RED for ctrlX AUTOMATION

FlowFuse offers Node-RED support and third party nodes for production use on ctlrX AUTOMATION

Graphics depicting Node-RED compatibility with ctrlX.

What FlowFuse Offers

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Professional Support

FlowFuse reduces the risk of using Node-RED in production. We offer professional support for Node-RED deployments on the crtlX platform. Customers have direct access to Node-RED experts who can help with development and production deployment issues.

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Support for Third Party Nodes

The Node-RED package for ctrlX includes pre-installs third party nodes for popular industrial protocols, including OMRON, MC Protocol, Modbus and S7. FlowFuse will support the use of these nodes in production.

For CtrlX Customers

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Customer Support

Get in touch with us to access expert guidance and comprehensive assistance for your Node-RED deployments. Our team will support you every step of the way, ensuring seamless integration and successful implementation.

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Upgrade to FlowFuse

CtrlX customers can update their Node-RED deployments to use the FlowFuse platform to take advantage of our device management, team collaboration, software delivery pipelines and other enterprise features. Book a demo to discover the FlowFuse platform.