How to Certify Your Hardware

Follow these steps to get your hardware certified for compatibility with FlowFuse and Node-RED.

Technical Qualification in 3 Steps

Explore the FlowFuse Device Agent Repository and Documentation.
Ensure that the Device Agent comes pre-installed on your device. Alternatively, it should be available from a store or marketplace as a "one-click" installer.
Users can easily upload their device configuration either through a custom user interface (e.g., file upload or input mask) or via the built-in Device Agent UI.


After successfully navigating the technical qualification, take the next step by booking a meeting with our team. Together, we'll work towards ensuring your device is fully compatible with FlowFuse and Node-RED.

Marketing and Publications

In a joint meeting, we will discuss marketing activities on a case-by-case basis.
Upon successful technical qualification, you will be granted the right to use the "FlowFuse Certified" logo.
FlowFuse certification badge