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Performance Overview Dashboard

The Manufacturing Performance Dashboard serves as an overview for monitoring and analyzing key performance metrics in real-time, providing a comprehensive overview of the manufacturing operations for a station or line.

Dashboard preview

Downtime in %

This section visualizes the percentage of downtime for the manufacturing station (or line).

Uptime in %

Similar to the Downtime KPI, this section displays the percentage of uptime.

First Past Yield %

The First Past Yield percentage is a measure of the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Running and Down Events

This section provides a graphical representation of Running and Down events over time. The events are categorized as RUNNING, DOWN, IDLE, and OFF, each represented with a unique color on the chart.

Downtime Reasons

This group provides insights into the reasons for downtime. It employs a bar chart to visualize different reasons for downtime, with each reason represented by a unique color.

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