FlowFuse Open Source Starter Tier Resource Limits

The first 5 Node-RED runtimes are part of the starter package going forward

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Today, with the latest FlowFuse release, an important change was made that updates the resource limits for our open-source, self-managed FlowFuse server tier. This change does not affect FlowFuse Cloud users in any way.

New Starter Tier Resource Limits

The new limit for the number of Node-RED runtimes on the Starter tier is 5. These 5 instances can be distributed across a maximum of 5 teams. This revised structure allows for the development of your initial FlowFuse and Node-RED solutions, providing a clear understanding of how FlowFuse can enhance your organization's workflows. Upgrading to a Team or Enterprise tier license unlocks the full potential of FlowFuse and grants access to our dedicated support team.

Why the Change?

Here at FlowFuse, we're committed to providing a great experience for all our users, including those utilizing our free, open-source Starter tier. We initially designed this tier to offer a platform for small organizations and larger teams to explore FlowFuse's capabilities without needing our direct involvement. However, we've observed instances where the Starter tier's free limits were being used to run very large deployments and even entire sites.

While support is a key benefit we offer to paying customers, we believe everyone deserves a positive FlowFuse experience. As such, we're adjusting the resource limits to better align with the Starter tier's intended purpose and allow the company to continue to invest in the Starter tier.

Transitioning Users

If you're currently impacted by these resource limit changes, we want to ensure a smooth transition. We're offering a complimentary 1-year Enterprise license to affected users. To claim your license, simply email support@flowfuse.com with the IP address your server has used to send telemetry data (if available) and a screenshot of your admin panel so we can match the currently usage with the new license.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support. If you have any questions regarding this update, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at support@flowfuse.com.

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