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When ChatGPT was first released, my expectations were quite low. I had grown accustomed to the usual industry buzz for AI and ML that often led to underwhelming solutions. Naturally, I approached ChatGPT with similar reservations. It wasn't until a few months after its announcement that I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, within just 10 minutes, I found myself so captivated that I decided to purchase the pro version.

On November 6th, OpenAI unveiled a new offering: GPTs. These function as custom ChatGPT environments, allowing the author to provide additional context, giving it a specific and focused purpose. With new content emerging daily for both Node-RED and FlowFuse, the ability to update and provide essential documentation became increasingly valuable.

ChatGPT is already a fantastic tool for building Node-RED flows, and if you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend giving it a go. Now, let me introduce you to Node-Red Builder, a preconfigured environment where all the necessary prompts are already set up to ensure your success. Furthermore, the latest knowledge on Node-RED and FlowFuse is readily available within the GPT, allowing you to tap into the most up-to-date documentation for your prompts.

Node-Red Builder streamlines the development of Node-RED flows, making it more accessible, especially for those new to this environment. We've even provided context to emphasize the use of default nodes over function nodes. Imagine being able to simply drag and drop elements, connect nodes, and create functional flows without delving deep into complex coding. This is precisely what Node-Red Builder makes easier, effectively opening the doors of Node-RED to a wider audience.

Access to the GPT - Node-RED builder by FlowFuse

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