FlowFuse Inc. becomes a member of the OpenJS Foundation

Supporting the foundation that has given Node-RED a great home

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Image with logo and the slogan: Elevate Node-RED with Flowfuse

We're pleased to share the news we've joined the OpenJS Foundation to bolster our support for the Node-RED community.

One of our founding principles is the importance of Open Source being at the core of what we do.

Node-RED has been part of the OpenJS Foundation since it was formed in 2019. The Foundation provides the project a vendor-neutral home and enables its open governance model that allows anyone to get involved.

It also provides some vitally important resources to the community, such as the hosting for the community forum, which regularly gets over 1.5 Million page views a month.

With my Node-RED Project Lead hat on, I regularly see the impact the foundation has had on the growth of the Node-RED community. These are things that may not always be obvious to our end users, but we wouldn't be where we are today with them.

The success of what we're building with FlowFuse relies on a strong and healthy Node-RED community. Becoming members of the Foundation allows us to provide more yet more support to Node-RED and the wider JavaScript communities represented by the foundation.

For more information about this news, check out the OpenJS Foundation blog post.

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