FlowFuse 0.9 released

Suspended projects, login with email and Team Types

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Suspend your projects when you don't need them, login with either your username or email, and introducing Team Types

Keep reading for the details of what's in this release our you can watch our 1 minute roundup video of the new release above.

We're pleased to announce version 0.9 is now available. The next release of the FlowFuse application containing new features, a number of improvements, and bug fixes. Keep reading for a promotion code to get your first month free on FlowFuse Cloud.


Suspend Projects Sometimes you want to put a project to one side for a while, maybe your development has stalled or you're waiting on something external to be ready. Perhaps you don't need it to be running all the time. With the 0.9 release we've added the ability to suspend a project. Once suspended, your flows are safely stored in the platform database, but Node-RED isn't running and the project doesn't consume any resources. In FlowFuse Cloud we do not charge you for suspended projects - you only pay when the project is running. Your project will be there ready to start back up when you need it with just one click. Remember that any context data or anything written to the filesystem will not persist through a restart or a suspend of a project.

Alongside this change, we've removed the option to 'stop' a project. That option would only stop Node-RED, but the underlying container would still be running, consuming resources. With Node-RED 3.0 adding the ability to stop the flows, but still be able to edit them, that provides a much better user experience. You can still restart the Node-RED process from the Forge app as before for example when you have updated a package in your flows.

Team Types We've introduced another concept into the platform with this release. Team Types will allow us to offer more advanced features to teams on FlowFuse Cloud. You won't see much difference in this release but it allows us to build on in future releases.

PostHog Analytics We've changed the analytics tooling integrated into the platform. With this release, we've deprecated the use of Plausible Analytics as it didn't quite provide the sort of insight we wanted. We now integrate with PostHog. They share our ethos and approach to open source and self hosting - something you can take advantage of if you're running your own FlowFuse platform. For FlowFuse Cloud, the data is sent to our PostHog account so we can better understand how the platform is being used. If you're running your own instance, the information is only captured if you configure it with your own PostHog instance details - it does not send any data back to us.

Login with email A common problem that we've seen from users is trying to login with their email address instead of their username. As of 0.9 you can now enter either at the login screen.

Custom Dashboard Path If you are using the Node-RED Dashboard set of nodes, you can now change the path where the dashboard will be served from. The default is still /ui but you can now move that onto / or anything else. This is helpful when migrating existing projects over to FlowFuse.


We've made a number of improvements to the overall experience of running FlowFuse.

  • Improvements to the FlowFuse Theme #883.
  • Upper-case characters in Project Names #546
  • Password reset requests are logged#773
  • Admin can manually verify users email #902

Bug Fixes

We've fixed the following bugs in this release.


We'd like the thank the following for their contributions to this release:

Bonantech for his work cleaning up the theme CSS

As an open-source project, we welcome the community involvement in what we're building. If you're interested in contributing, checkout our guide in the docs.

Try it out

Sign up for FlowFuse Cloud and at the checkout enter the code RELEASE09 to get your first project free for a month.

Upgrading FlowFuse

FlowFuse Cloud is already running 0.9 and the stacks updated. Upgrade your project stacks to the latest version and start using the Project Link nodes now.

If you installed a previous version of FlowFuse and want to upgrade, our documentation provides a guide for upgrading FlowFuse on a local server.

Getting help

If you hit any problems with the platform, or have questions to ask, please do raise an issue on GitHub. That also includes if you have any feedback or feature requests.

Customers of FlowFuse Cloud can raise a ticket by emailing support@flowfuse.com

We also have a #flowfuse channel on the Node-RED Slack workspace.

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