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We're continuing to grow the FlowFuse team with our latest hire; Steve McLaughlin who is joining our development team.

Steve is a well known face in the Node-RED community. He is a regular contributor to the community forum, always happy to help users with their questions.

He has published a number of very popular nodes, include buffer-parser, cron-plus and image-tools.

He has also made some significant contributions to the core of Node-RED, such as delivering MQTTv5 support and introducing the Monaco code editor into the heart of the editor.

Steve joins us from a background in Industrial IoT in the automative manufacturing space - experience and knowledge that will be invaluable as we look to growing the FlowFuse platform.

Steve will be focussed on the Node-RED side of our activities - helping to continue the ongoing development and growth of the open source project at the heart of what FlowFuse is about.

Welcome aboard Steve!

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