Ask Me Anything about Debugging Node-RED (May Edition)

Join Nick O'Leary, co-creator of Node-RED & CTO at FlowFuse and Rob Marcer, Developer Educator at FlowFuse, for an AMA on Node-RED Debugging

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In this month Node-RED AMA session we are going to focus on questions about debugging Node-RED.

Nick and Rob will lead us through some different debug workflows to show how they approach debugging Node-RED applications. During the live coding sessions there will be opportunities for attendees to ask questions in real-time. Join us to learn from the experts on the tips and tricks for debugging Node-RED.

Attendees will be able to ask questions about any Node-RED topic during this session. However, we also encourage you to ask questions in advance. To ask an advance questions complete this form.

To attend the Ask Me Anything session please register in advance.

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