Content Types

Content should be published to the appropriate channels, the types of published content we currently produce are as follows.


Major releases of FlowFuse, the timing of these releases are governed by our development cadence.


Patch between releases, these will happen as needed and may be at short notice.

Planned Downtime

As soon as we are aware of planned downtime we should publish the information, that should be at least one week before the downtime.


If we experience unplanned downtime we should communicate in near real time to keep our users and stakeholders up to date with the situation.

Corporate Comms

Major company news such as investment rounds should be communicated at the time agreed with the relevant parties involved. We strive to make this information public as soon as practical and effective.


Monthly newsletter published at the start of each calendar month covering news from the prior month.

How To

Technical guides, published once per week.